News from the Farm: 2021 Spring Announcements

The season of renewal is here! If you’re like us you’re probably ready for sunny days, warm weather and a break from gray skies, cold winds and the news. We’ve got a LOT happening this spring and wanted to give you some updates.

New Products:

We’re proud to offer several new oyster kit sizes, caviar and a new hot sauce. They include:

New Content:

You asked and we listened! This spring you’ll start to see a ton of new content from us. It’s important to our whole team that our customers understand how fun and easy it is to make fresh oysters part of your regular diet. We’ll be creating more blogs, videos and other content to teach you how to shuck, cook, share and enjoy our oysters. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss out.

New People:

We Hired Gabrielle Smith AKA Gabby in March.  She has been a great addition to our shipping team, and we look forward to a fun and busy future with her.  She is a Local from Deltaville VA.  Only about 20 min from white stone by car and 2 min by crow. Deltaville is the small sailing village at the northern tip of Virginia's middle peninsula. Gabby has a few years under her belt in the oyster Industry and looking to add many more.  Thanks for joining the team Gabby  

Semi New: 

Michael Robertson AKA “Chig” was hired early in 2020.  He comes from a great farm in our area Rappahannock river oyster co.  He has many years of experience and we are truly lucky to have him with us.  I think it’s safe to say, he is an oyster lifer. We are truly lucky to have him on the team.  Chig runs the oyster house and is highly involved with oyster operations and growing strategy.  Thanks for joining the team Chig! 

Notable Position Change: 

Allison Rutledge was hired back in September or 2019 and has quickly risen.  Hailing from the Eastern shore of VA and graduating from Virginia Tech she is a force with whatever she is involved in.  Promoted to general manager a few months ago, she continues to impress.  Oh, and she lives on a trawler/boat with her boyfriend Berk, her dog Sully and cat Kiki. So cool.  Thanks for the early mornings and late afternoons!  

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