The Power of Pairings: What to Serve with Your Oysters

Oysters are an incredible food if for no other reason than their versatility. They can stand on their own or be paired with a myriad of different options to suit just about any taste. We broke down some pairing below to help you discover some new options.

It’s important to know that an oyster’s merroir is what makes it so unique. This flavoring reflects their environment, what they eat, the salinity of the water they’re in and even the seasons. It varies greatly by region. As a result, something that goes great with our oysters, may not work as well with some from the Pacific Northwest. It’s all about experimenting! Get creative in your kitchen and share your results with us on Instagram.

Traditional Pairings

Mignonette Sauce- Finely chopped shallots, red wine vinegar and seasonings make up this simple topping. Add some warm buttered bread and enjoy.

Caviar- Smoked trout roe and caviar are the perfect little salt bombs to give your oysters a savory kick.

Creative Pairings

Kiwis- It’s said that certain oysters like Belon, pair extremely well with kiwis. They both contain molecules called trimethylamine which is responsible for their scent and flavor.

Mushrooms- similar to the merrior of the oyster, mushrooms carry their terroir of their region. This can create reciprocal umami flavors when paired together.

Watermelon- Sweet watermelons combat the brackish and salty taste of oysters, resulting in both flavors being enhanced when combined.

Of course, you can always stick with your favorite hot sauce, a cold beer or a glass of bubbly. Check out our blog for more recipe ideas or visit our store to order now.



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