Boozy Oysters: Our 3 Favorite Oyster Stouts

Oysters are delicious. Beer is delicious. It only makes sense that when paired together, there’s even more deliciousness to be had.  Oyster stouts are traditionally rich and heavy stout beers brewed with oyster shells.

 Originally, oysters were used as part of the brewing process for certain beers. “To naturally clarify a beer, brewers need something to gather the particles together and sink them to the bottom. Some breweries still use isinglass, or fish bladders, to this day, but oysters work just as well. Modern oyster stouts have strayed from the clarifying purpose, and oysters are added primarily for flavor,” writes Vinepair.

 Here are three of our favorites, perfect for your next oyster roast.

 OysterHouse Moonstone Oyster Stout

Made from whole oysters, this light and refreshing stout is only 4.5% ABV and contains sea salt, calcium and other minerals for a rounded flavor profile. It’s a Dry Irish Stout, and is available year round.

 The Brewery 

Porterhouse Oyster Stout

Also sitting at a rarely low ABV (for a stout) of 4.6%, the Porterhouse Oyster stout derives sweetness from freshly shucked oysters dropped into the conditioning tank. It uses Galena Nugget and East Kent Goldings for the hop profile.

 The Brewery

Henhouse Oyster Stout

Brewed in the Bay Area of San Francisco, this beer is a true blue oyster lover’s dream. It uses admiral maltings and roast barley for a sweet and briny aroma and a flavor of salted brownies.

 The Brewery

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