Our Farm


White stone Oyster Farm

Our Story

White Stone Oyster Company was born out of an obsession with the relationship between oysters and their environment. In order to grow a more perfect Chesapeake oyster we introduced a new method of aquaculture to Virginia.  We are the first farm whose oysters spend the entirety of their lives floating in the unforgiving surf of the Chesapeake Bay. We will never settle for anything less than the best oysters our home waters can produce.

Our Oyster

Nothing affects the flavor of an oyster more than its habitat. That's why we raise our oysters at the surface of the water where the food density is highest and the water quality is purest. Our prime location and unique growing method produces a plump oyster with a well-balanced flavor profile that can be enjoyed all year long!

We strive to grow a world class oyster in terms of halfshell presentation, consistency, meat quality, and flavor.  On the outside our oyster has a deep cup and a thick polished shell.  Inside a, a plump oyster fills the shell.  Never any grit, mud or sand.  Our oyster's more subtle flavors will change with the seasons, but our farm is strategically located to blend salty and sweet like only the Chesapeake can. Its firm meat makes it a very approachable oyster and its layered flavors excite even the most seasoned ostreaphiles.  

Our Farm

Our farm is structured to keep our oysters in constant motion.  This continuous tumbling stunts bill growth, resulting in a deep and polished shell.  Forcing the oyster to hold closed in waves leaves a very "fit", healthy oyster.  Moving Oysters to the top of the water column gives them access to more abundant food sources, resulting in a healthier, cleaner oyster.

It has been extensively engineered to grow the best oysters possible, withstand the harsh Chesapeake weather, and improve the environment around it.  In addition to filtering the water, having cages float rather than on the bottom, allows vitally important grasses, and natural oysters reefs to grow unimpeded.  Our farm is located just north of the Rappahannock River.  This site was chosen for its great blend of sweeter, fresh water, and strong salinity.