Slurp & Sip: What to Drink With Oysters

Pairing oysters with a beverage is easier than you think. Our oysters have a slightly lower salinity and a clean taste, allowing you to pair them with a wide range of drinks without overpowering.

A classic pairing is a champagne. The fizzy brightness of champagne works well with almost every oyster, enhancing subtle flavors. We recommend serving both well chilled. 

You can also try pairing oysters with dry white wines like Sauvignon Blanc of Pinot Gris. Tart, lemony wines like these will make the oysters taste brighter and won’t leave you feeling overly bloated of full. 

If you prefer cocktails, we recommend bourbon highballs, quality vodka or a refreshing cocktail such as a cucumber gimlet. Spirits tend to intensify the flavor of oysters and also serve as a palate cleanser. These are great options for raw, chilled oysters. 

For steamed oysters, oyster stuffing, or oysters Rockefeller, it’s hard to beat a tasty, cold beer. We prefer IPAs. The bright and sharp Citra hops contrast well to the savory flavors of cooked oysters and help take off some of the saltiness.

Of course, everyone’s tastes are a little different, so we recommend trying pairings until you find one that suits you best.



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