White Stone Oysters

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Flavor: Sweet mushroom notes up front with a lingering miso salinity finish.

Species: Crassostrea virginica (native)

Salinity: 15-20ppt 

Location:  Windmill Point, VA


**We encourage delivery dates 1-2 days prior to scheduled events.  Refrigerate immediately and oysters will stay fresh for over ten days.  Please see FAQs for more info on storage.  Happy Shucking -Tom    


When Can I order White Stones

Order in advance by selecting the desired delivery date when checking out. Certain dates are unavailable due to Holidays. We recommend a delivery date 1 day prior to an event. Unfortunately we are unable to offer Saturday deliveries.

Handling Oysters Upon Receiving your package

Oysters are delivered cold, and alive via Fedex. It is important to maintain both of these things prior to serving. We like storing oysters in a bowl in a fridge, or a cooler loaded with ice. Avoid standing water and rough handling. Transfer oysters from your package to a cold environment ASAP

Serving oysters.

Only serve live oysters. Once an oyster has expired the shell opens up and the oyster drys out. Keep unshucked oysters cold and serve on ice.

How will I know if an oyster is no longer fresh?

When an oyster "expires" the shell will start to open. Before consumption make sure the shell is closed tight!

What happens if I do not put them in a cool environment right away?

As mentioned we ship the oysters in gel-packs that help the oyster stay at the right temperature. Depending upon the weather, the oysters should remain at temperature for a few hours. In the colder months they will remain at temperature longer.