Table Tip: Creating an Oyster Snack Spread for the Holidays

While the holidays are certainly going to feel different this year, there’s no reason to deny yourself the comforts of home. There are few things more enjoyable in this world than spending a special morning watching movies, opening presents and snacking with family. The holiday charcuterie board has become a staple on many tables, but this guide shows you how to add fresh oysters to the mix.

 The inspiration for this seafood charcuterie board comes from Chef Christ Cosentino of Jackrabbit. A combination of charcuterie board and seafood tower, part warm bread, sausages, chilis and of course fresh oysters.

 Here are some things to consider when building your own:

 Dress to Impress

 Changing up oyster dressings can have a big effect on the overall mood of your charcuterie board. Try using a tomatillo salsa or limes instead of lemons. A smokier hot sauce instead of a bright, spicy one… you get the idea. Oysters are such an adaptable food; you can really bring out different flavors with different dressings. Experiment and see what you like best.

Pick the Best Oysters

It’s obvious that we’re partial to our oysters. Crassostrea Virginica provide a meaty, low salt oysters with vegetal, mushroomy flavors and a clean finish. But pairing different oysters with different cured meats and even different dressings can allow you to build several differently themed charcuterie boards. You could do a spicy & sweet combo, a southwest style or a clean Virginia board, pairing our mellow oysters with salty Smithfield ham. If you need advice on how to choose good oysters, check out our blog.

That’s it! The beauty of the charcuterie board is it can include everything you like and nothing you don’t. Choose your favorite meats, cheeses, breads, crackers and fruit. Add our delicious oysters and provide a complimentary sauce. This easy snack will keep everyone happy and give you plenty of time to figure out how to return that ugly scarf you got.




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