Happy Dad! Our Father’s Day Gift Guide

 Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve got just what you need to make dad smile. Of course, delicious oysters shipped straight to dad’s door are a no-brainer, but our new summer 2020 tees and handmade oyster knives from Join or Die are a perfect addition. Check out some gift ideas below.

Whitestone Gift Card

It’s perfect for the dad that has it all. Let pop pick his own gift or decide when he gets his next shipment of fresh, delicious oysters.

Join or Die Oyster Knife

Custom oyster shucker made exclusively for WhiteStone by Virginia's Join or Die Knives. The handle is black walnut with an orange poly inlay. These oyster knives are made from AEB-L stainless steel and undergo our custom high toughness heat treat process. Designed with shucking Chesapeake oysters in mind, these blades will work well for any region's oysters. 

Smoked Trout Caviar

Delicious cold-smoked trout caviar, made from fresh trout roe that has been seasoned with sea salt and lightly smoked with natural apple and cherry wood.

The roe is processed and stored in a cold-smoke environment of near-freezing temperatures so that it infuses slowly and safely without overpowering the natural flavor of the eggs. Great for eating right off the spoon, adding flavor to sauces and topping fresh oysters or seafood dishes. 

WhiteStone Standard Tee

You might not be able to stop dad from tucking his t-shirt into his jeans, but at least you’ll know he’s wearing something cool. The WhiteStone classic is now available in short sleeves! Printed on 100% cotton Bella & Canvas tees. 

SnakeOil Hot Sauce


Perfect for the dad that taught you the joys of spicy food. Give your WhiteStone Oysters a zing of spice. Snake Oil is a total umami bomb with just enough heat to remind you you're alive.

Snake Oil is made from Chesapeake fish peppers that are ground, aged in oak barrels, and brewed following chef Spike Gjerde’s circa-2009 recipe.

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