Oysters and Beer- The Perfect Summer Combo

Summer is prime time for cookouts and adding grilled oysters to your menu is an excellent way to impress your guests with new flavors. However, no summer cookout is complete without refreshing, cold beer. Use these tips below to pair beers with your oysters, whether they’re fried, steamed, grilled or shucked.

Session IPA

Session IPA tend to be brewed with zesty hops like simcoe, ella and mosaic. Their citrusy flavor profiles and higher levels of carbonation are perfect for both fried and raw oysters. The carbonation will act like scrubbing bubbles between bites of fried oysters, allowing you to experience more the flavors. If you’re slurpin’ raw, the citrus in the IPA can add a complimentary flavor and balance the oyster’s salinity.

Wheat Beers

Fruity wheat beers are sweet and low in alcohol. They go great with steamed and grilled oysters because the fruity, sometimes sweet flavor profile will balance out the briny and umami flavors of the oysters. Just be careful to pick something like a Berliner Weisse that’s balanced and not overly fruit forward so as not to overpower the oysters.

Cask Ale

Cask ales have lower carbonation, higher malts and lower hops making them a very unobtrusive pairing for oyster’s delicate flavor profiles. They’re perfect for raw or steamed oysters when you really want the flavor of your oyster or mignonette to shine through.

Don’t forget, thanks to modern refrigeration and farming techniques, you can enjoy oysters year-round. Order some now and get shuckin’ and sippin’ this weekend.

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