Summer Update

Farming. Surrendering to the process and digging in.  This has been the routine on the farm the past 6 months.  Coming out of a long hard winter with a large loss in inventory, we have been rebuilding and learning much about ourselves, our environment and our oyster.  Today we are finally back shipping oysters again with a bright outlook.                

We are dedicated to the craft and the people that support it.  Thank you for sticking with us!  

What we have been up to...

-We have expanded our growing capacity by nearly 1/3 on the grow out sites


Adam Hurley Cutting Line for cage expansion project


What does this look like? Pictures of new cages and building rope. What does this mean for the reader? 

-Improving the quality of our nursery site. 5X the flow to the animals and more tanks for healthier stronger animals in the early stages of life.   

 -The Oyster. Working on the quality of the oyster. Happy oyster = happy customer

    Reducing density of animals and air drying all cages across the farm

       How does this improve the quality of the oyster and your experience with it?                   More room to bounce around the cages. more available food for each animal.  This allows for thicker shell, consistent growth rings and higher meat quality.  We expect material improvements from new practices to be noticeable on plates this winter and fully by Spring 2019.      


Farm Management.


                 Touching the oysters less allow them to spend more time in their natural environment before they hit the Menus and allows us to track out inventory much closer as well.  Keeping track of millions of oysters at different shapes and sizes can be difficult.  Microsoft Excel has become our hardest working employee.    




Experimenting with multiple seed stock

Experiencing managerial changes 

Very Happy with our most recent addition to the Team! Joe McComas is a local who has been in the industry for a number of years.  We are thankful he chose White Stone as his professional home.  He is doing great things as head of operations.  Looking forward to many more years with this guy. 











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