Introducing Join or Die Knives

We’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with local craftsmen Brent Stubblefield of  Join or Die Knives to bring you a new custom oyster shucker. These handmade knives are available exclusively on our webstore, and are made in Richmond, VA.

 The knives feature a black walnut with an orange poly inlay handle. They’re made from AEB-L stainless steel and undergo Join or Die’s custom high toughness heat treat process. Designed with shucking Chesapeake oysters in mind, these blades will work well for any region's oysters. 

The best part: the knives come with a lifetime warranty from Join or Die Knives against broken points or blades (it happens! Oysters can be tough to shuck).

Brent started Join or Die knives nearly a decade ago with a simple idea: “The independent craftsman movement signifies a need for something more than can be found in a factory or big box store. That something more is to own fewer but higher quality possessions and to shake the hand of the one who made them.”


In an effort to bring together our community, this seemed like the perfect partnership. Not only are we able to support and help another local craftsman, but we’re able to help represent Virginia on a larger scale. Join or Die’s dedication to quality matches our own and we’re proud to offer the last oyster knife you’ll ever own.


You can learn more about Join or Die here, or shop our oysters and oyster knives here.

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