How Many Oyster Should You Order?

 Whether you’re wanting a mid-week treat or planning for a summer oyster roast when things get back to normal, the last thing you want to do is run out of oysters.

 Many pros, including Erin Murray, author of Shucked, have some pretty strong opinions about how many oysters you should order.

 In a restaurant setting, Murray recommends ordering 6 oysters per person, which could be great for an appetizer. However, ordering in bulk for a party is a different story.

 Consider a few things:

  1. What else are you serving? If you’re serving another heavy main, people may eat fewer oysters.
  2. Are your guests big oyster fans? Everyone should be, but it’s not a bad idea to ask before ordering.
  3. How long is the event? Parties are great for extended social eating. Make sure to keep your oysters coming out in batches, and stored in a cool place until ready to serve.


Oysters are an incredible social eating experience. Being able to provide your guests with a limitless shuck and slurp session during your event is sure to keep everyone happy. If that’s the case, we recommend ordering a dozen per person. Our oysters come in several kits and can also be ordered by the bushel and half a bushel.

 A Note About Regions

 WhiteStone Oysters are considered Atlantic oysters because they’re raised in Atlantic waters. This region is considering to span along the entire eastern seaboard, down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Virginia oysters are considered to be virtually salt- free, smooth and sweet.

 Pairing with Wine and Beer

 Pairing drinks with oysters is an art. While Muscadet is a classically paired wine with Oysters, Virginia oysters have a unique flavor, allowing you to broaden your boozy pairing. Murray recommends pairing with wines that show minerality, brightness, and dryness. This will bolster the oyster’s flavor, just like a lemon. A sessionable citrus-forward IPA is also a great choice.






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