5 Ways to Enjoy Oysters This Holiday

Tis’ the season for everything delicious. From turkey, roast duck and stuffing to sweets and pies the holidays are made for food. As it so happens, oysters are one of the greatest celebration foods. Winter oysters tend to be sweeter and crisper than at any other point during the year. They’re so popular, in fact, that in many countries- like France, up to 70% of their total annual oyster consumption happens over the holidays.

Our savory, miso oysters are perfect for offsetting rich holiday foods. Here are 5 easy ways to dress your oysters for your holiday feast:

Chili Fried Oysters

Using our Wandering Waders Jarred Oysters- crisp bacon in a pan, preserve the grease, add diced chilis. Dust oysters with flour and fry in bacon grease for 30 seconds each side. Serve topped with chilis.

 Oysters Tarragon

Shuck oysters leave on the half shell. Dress with tarragon, black pepper and a dash of tarragon vinegar. 

Thai Oysters

Mix 150ml of soy sauce, 1 chopped chili, ginger and juice from 1 lime. Apply generously to shucked oysters on the half shell.

Oyster Stout Oysters

 Use 2-3 cups of plain flour, mix in your favorite oyster stout until it becomes a batter. Thoroughly coat oyster and fry until crisp.

Oysters & Capers

Blanch parsley and chop up with capers. Mix in a dash of heavy cream. Place on shucked oysters in the half-shell and grill shell side down for 3-5 minutes.

 Need more delicious oyster recipes? Visit our blog!


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